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An Orphaned Kitten Brings This Grieving Couple Happiness And Luck

There's a feel-good story going around the internet that is guaranteed to make you get goosebumps.

Imgur user mraeronautic recently shared his and his wife's struggles after suffering a miscarriage. He found a kitten, Callie, who needed a home and she instantly brought joy back into their lives.

The user posted, saying he and his wife suffered a miscarriage and spent two months trying to feel "normal" again. He said he spent all his time trying to make his wife feel better but he had no success. That is, until, he heard about Callie. Callie is a kitten who was brought to a shelter after her mother was killed. She was bottle fed until she could eat solid food and then was placed up for adoption.

The husband went to meet Callie and knew instantly she was an absolute sweetheart. He says her face and eyes brought a calmness over him and he thought the same would go for his wife. On the car ride home, Callie was pretty unhappy in her carrier. The husband let her out, and Callie immediately found a new favorite spot. She spent the entire hour and a half car ride just like this.

When the husband brought Callie home to his wife, she was immediately pumped to meet her new kitten. The two formed an instant bond. After just five days, Callie and Wife were inseparable. The husband says he hasn't seen his wife this happy in a really long time. Callie snuggles with her new mama constantly and even sleeps tucked up to her stomach every night.

Not only did Callie bring them happiness, but it seems the little kitten also brought this couple some luck! Not long after getting Callie, the couple was in for a new adventure.

Wife is pregnant! Callie is going to be a big sister! Husband says he doesn't know what it is about Callie, but he knows that with her, everything will be okay.

Congratulations to the happy couple! And to Callie for finding her fur-ever home.

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