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Pint-Sized Pick Pockets Get Caught On Camera

We all lose things when we travel, that's a fact. Whether it just falls out of a suitcase or gets left at a hotel, things just tend to go missing. For one couple, they have photographic evidence of the moment where a watch was being stolen by some unlikely thieves. While travelling in Thailand, the couple stopped to pose for a photograph with a couple young kids who managed to slip her watch off her wrist without her knowing.


The Reddit user explained that they didn't even notice at the time which is apparently common for those who have encounters with a pick-pocket.

Comments about the picture referred to the girls as expert thieves.

While their young age may seem strange to some, apparently it isn't a unique situation.

Has something like this ever happened to you when you were on vacation? Tell your story in the comments and share with your friends so they will know to watch out for these tourist traps.

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