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She Sends Her Parents A Video, But They Never Expected To Turn Around And See This

A couple living in Australia, Al and Chika Milne, wanted some revenge on Chika's parents after they wouldn't stop asking when the couple was going to start a family. For 3 years, they were constantly bombarded with questions until finally Chika found out she was pregnant! The couple decided to hold off on telling Chika's parents, who live in Indonesia, so they could put together a big surprise for the soon-to-be grandparents.

Of course Chika and Al didn't want her parents to miss out on everything, so they began documenting Chika's pregnancy through pictures and videos. The idea was to send her parents the finished product, and then show up at the end, baby belly in tow! Al and Chika enlisted the help of Chika's siblings to make sure everything ran smoothly. As her parents watch the video, you can tell they don't totally understand what's going on.

Finally, once they realize their daughter is pregnant, the tears start flowing. And not just for them. I may or may not have had to wipe my eyes discreetly at my desk.

Check it out!

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