Couple With Special Needs Melts Hearts With A Perfect Homecoming Proposal

Jake and Emily have been dating for over a year, and they're pretty gosh darn cute.

The couple attends high school together in Illinois and met through their special needs class. With the homecoming dance coming closer, Jake wanted to do something special to ask his girlfriend to go with him. He enlisted the help of his Peer Partner, a mentor given to special needs students at the school, to come up with a great idea for a "homecoming proposal."

Jake decided he wanted to ask Emily to the dance using a cookie cake, because she really loves cookies (who doesn't, Emily?) He got her a cookie cake with the school colors on it, and the words "Emily, will you go to homecoming with me?"

Check out this video, posted by fellow student Stephanie Zagurksi, of Jake 'proposing' to Emily. It's gone completely viral. She is so utterly overwhelmed with emotion. It really is a special moment.

BONUS: Here's a picture of Emily and Jake on New Year's Eve looking super cute. Let's hope they post pictures of their homecoming dance!

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