Couple's Attempt To Recreate Dirty Dancing Move Ends With A Trip To The Hospital

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When you're getting married, most of the time it's pretty standard. Dress, cake, guests, food, first dance. You take some pictures, people go home, and it's usually forgotten about within a year.

For Andy and Sharon Price, though, their wedding dance will definitely not be forgotten. Well...actually, it's not the wedding dance that will be remembered. It's the lead-up to it.

Meet Andy, 51, and Sharon Price, 52.

The couple both have a love of 80s movies, specifically the iconic Dirty Dancing film. They decided they wanted to do something special for their wedding, so naturally they chose to try and re-create the famous lift from the movie.

You know the one.

But see, here' the thing. If you're not a dancer, it's probably not the best idea to give this a try. Even more so when your practice area is behind a local pub.

Continue reading to see how the couple ended up in the hospital.

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