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15 Couples Who Are Having More Fun Than You

Normally, when you think of couples who are older you may not think that they are out there having the most fun - but you would be very wrong. There is definitely a certain amount of freedom that comes with age and these wonderful humans are living life to the absolute fullest. Can you imagine your grandma learning how to skateboard? What about your grandpa riding around on a rocking horse in public?

These couples are the #RelationshipGoals champions that you could learn a thing or two about successful relationships from.


Invest in adorable personalized shirts

Find ways to keep up with the one you love.

Those who skate together, stay together

Liven up those trips to the super market.

Goofy faces are the best faces.

There is no age limit on declaring your love!

Or engaging in some innocent PDA

Or some less than innocent PDA

There is no age limit for dressing up

It's important to take on all of life's biggest challenges together.

Expressing yourself is the key to a good relationship.

Helping each other is very important.

It's important to stick together... Or have a plan if you don't

Hold onto your memories

And above all, have fun together.

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