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Cow Headed For Slaughter Literally Jumps Ship And Swims Away

The argument that animals know when bad things are about to happen to them just got a lot more solid.

A cow in Australia was of a group of "live expert" cattle being transported to slaughter on a big ship.

Seemingly, the cow knows what's happening and decides she doesn't feel like dying...so she jumps off the ship into the water. Obviously.

Onlookers couldn't really do anything but watch in awe as this giant animal tried to escape inevitable death. The cow swam to shore where people were waiting to recapture her. But as soon as she made it to shore, the cow took off for the hills. It took over 24 hours to finally capture the escaped livestock.

This escape is yet again raising questions about Australia's live export industry, which has faced a lot of controversy. Many investigations have been launched by Animals Australia over the last 10 years to discover just how poorly the animals suffer.  

"Millions of cattle, sheep and goats have endured long sea journeys, often only to face shocking abuse and fully conscious slaughter in countries with no effective animal welfare laws in place," Animals Australia explains.

People are now asking the cow get pardoned and sent to a sanctuary.

Do you think this cow should be sent to a sanctuary? Or sent back on the ship? Let us know!

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