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Cows Are Eating Skittles For Dinner, But Don't Worry It's Actually Good For Them

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Even cows get a treat every once and a while, but it's not what you would actually expect. American farmers have been giving their cow a sugary snack, but it's not only because it's cheaper, it might have some other benefits as well.

Defective skittles have apparently been used as cow feed for years. It only became known to the general public after a transport truck crashed on a highway and spilled skittles all over the road. It was revealed that they were being transported to a farm to replace the corn they were normally feeding. It turns out that defective skittles cost significantly less than actual cow feed.

While you might think that feeding cows sweets would be dangerous to their health, the owner of United Livestock Commodities, Joseph Watson, claims that it is actually good for the animals. Apparently Skittles have "a higher ration of fat [than] actually feeding them straight corn," which is the main source of nutrition needed.

Apparently feeding cows this sugary snack is beneficial in other ways as well...

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