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10 Nature Inspired Crafts To Bring The Outdoors Into Your Home

It is easy to get carried away in a craft supply store. There are endless options and items that avid craft makers are going to want to collect. Believe me, I can easily spend half a day lost inside a Michael's. But not all crafts need to be done with purchased materials. Sometimes you can make some truly beautiful things by using items you can find in your own backyard. Check out these crafts that you can make using nature!

Bark Owl

This little guy is made from bark and acorns and is an easy craft to do with kids. Or you could make this little guy and add him to a fall wreath to make it really unique. Tutorial from

Twig Frame

Turn a plain picture frame into this pretty nature inspired twig frame. Just glue some twigs onto each end and add some moss for a pop of color. Original made by Not Just a Housewife.

Leafy Art Prints

This one has been on my to-do list for quite some time now. You can completely customize it to which ever types of leaves you want and which ever color you choose but the shiny metallic spray paint is a really pretty touch. From DIYcraftsmom.

Pine cone Roses

Using pine cones and twigs you can make these cute pine cone roses. You can obviously paint them any color you want - whether it's to match your decor or the colors in your kids room. These are a good craft if you have kids who like to give flowers to people. Saves them handing out bouquets of dandelions! Tutorial from Creative Green Living.

Use Fallen Trees to create art

If you live around trees you know they tend to have fallen branches from time to time. If you take those branches and slice them into thin pieces you can build yourself some beautiful sculptures that will look great in any home. If you think this craft is a bit ahead of your abilities there is some Etsy shops that sell these type of pieces. Wild Slice Designs

Marble Acorns

There was no tutorial for this one, but it looks easy enough! Get yourself some marbles or beads and attach to acorn tops using hot glue. You can use them for a variety of things including to decorate a Christmas tree (even though it is way to early to be thinking about that!)

Stick Letter

But simply using a stencil you can create this super pretty twig letter that will definitely look great. Everyone seems to have letters all over their houses right now so instead of spending the $20 on one of those letters at Michael's just try out this much cheaper alternative! Tutorial by Hello Little House.

Rustic Tree Branch Candle Holders

Cupcake Rehab has a tutorial on how to make these cute branch tea light holders that would look great on your table or mantle.

Log Vase

Using a split log, Ashbee Design made this pretty vase out of a log. This would look great in your home this fall.

Mini Cactus Made From Rocks

Make your own little plants that you can't kill! We have a tutorial for you right here on Shared. Which craft is your favorite? Share with your friends and let them know which one you plan on trying!

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