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11 Crafts You Should Make Using Chalkboard Paint

Chalkboards are always a good time. You can draw or write anything you want and erase it as soon as you get bored of it. Now that they make chalkboard paint that works really well, you can add a chalkboard anywhere, on almost anything.

There are so many different ways you can use chalkboard paint, and we have gathered up 11 of the most awesome uses. Check them out below!

1. Recipe Board

Turn a thrift store tray into a stylish menu that you can change up when you feel like adding that something extra to your dinner. This way you can always let everyone know what's on the menu tonight! Check it out here.

2. Medicine Cabinet Upgrade

Leave sweet notes for your loved ones or even keep track of things you need. What else are you using the inside of your medicine cabinet for anyways? May as well use it for something cute! Tutorial here.

3. Upgrade dollar store tins

You can get these tins for only a dollar pretty much at every dollar store. They are perfect for gifts, especially if you paint the top with chalkboard paint and write a little message to the lucky recipient! You can also use it to store little things that you don't have anywhere else for like ribbons or tags, just write what it is on top and you will always be able to find them. Tutorial here.

4. Make your fridge unique

Go all out with your chalkboard paint and make the whole fridge a chalkboard. You can use it to let your family know what you are making for dinner, or leave your grocery list. Tutorial here.

5. Create a children's chalkboard table

These tables are small enough for kids to sit t them comfortably and they are fairly inexpensive from IKEA. Adding the chalkboard paint will give your kids their own little play station that they will love. Tutorial here.

6. Cheese Platter

Always make sure your guests know what you are feeding them with this pretty cheese platter. You can serve a variety of cheeses, labeling each, so your guests know which is their favorite. Tutorial here.

7. Travel Chalkboard Activity Center For Kids

Using an old cookie sheet, you can make a magnetic activity center for kids to play with while you drive around. It's a great way to keep them busy while also letting them be creative. Tutorial here.

2. Personalized Wine Glasses

The best way to keep everyone's glasses straight! Have you ever been at a dinner party and not remember who had which glass? You put it down for one second, then all of the sudden there are eight glasses around it and you have no clue which is yours. This way, you can let your guests write their name, or get more creative and doodle what ever they want! Would also make a really good gift for someone who likes to have parties. Tutorial here.

9. Full Wall Calendar

This is genius if you have a big family and need to keep track of a bunch of different schedules. That way, you can add, erase, or jot down things quickly and each month you can juts relabel the dates so you always have the right month up. Tutorial here.

10. Paint the lids of jars to so you can label them

You can label your jars with what's inside and even add the dates so you know when it will expire. No tutorial, but seems fairly self explanatory, just paint the lids! I would assume that it probably isn't wise to put the lids in the dishwasher after they have been painted though.

11. An organized space to store all your craft stuff!

When you are a crafty person, your stash of craft supplies gets a little bit out of control. Why not use an old dresser to make a storage unit that you can label while you practice different writing styles.

Will you try out any of these awesome crafts? Share with your friends and plan a craft day!

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