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Crazy Aussie Clocks This Kangaroo

Everyone knows that Australia is an island full of things that want to kill you. Aussies have to contend with poisonous snakes, giant spiders, territorial crows and carnivorous crocks.

When we think of Kangaroos, many of us imagine soft, bouncy rabbit-dogs with adorable babies peeking out of their pouches.

But Aussies know, they aren't fooled by these mad marsupials. When they see a Kangaroo coming close, they go the other way.

Unless, you're this guy:

He didn't think twice about what to do. This dog's best friend just walked right up to the kangaroo and clocked him hard in the snout. The grateful pup runs free and the man stalks off.

He's a lucky guy, if the kangaroo had been able too, he could have laid down a bone-crushing kick and it would have been lights out for him! Instead, the kangaroo was just a little stunned.

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