Credit Card Company Uses One Small Gesture To Change This Woman's Life

Tonya KYY-905, her employee ID with Capital One, made one small gesture and changed Christina Grady's life forever.

Christina Grady called Capital One looking for help with her credit card. She had recently broken up with her fiancée and had to find a new place to live. Her credit card was shut down when she tried sending furniture to a new address, flagged as "suspicious activity."

Tonya was on the other end of the line, and she could just tell Grady was going through a tough time.

"And it was what she said and how she said it. I just knew she needed a hug in that moment," said Tonya.

Tonya KYY-905 (pictured), who works for Capital One, knew that Christina Grady was in need of a hug.

Instead of a hug, Tonya gave Grady 4500 miles for a vacation and also sent her flowers.

"I wanted to do something extra special to help brighten her day," she said.

Christina Grady was so moved by Tonya's actions, she posted on Facebook about the whole experience.

"I feel like it meant more to me that it made her so happy and it just perked her up. You know? And it just changed her whole attitude," Tonya said. She also has a message for Christina:  "I'm so happy that you're happy, but truly you have made a mark on me that will never be erased."

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