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Cringe-Worthy Interactions That Remind Us We Are All Awkward Humans

Everyone has those cringe-worthy moments in their memories. Every time I go to the movies and they say "enjoy your movie" without fail I respond "thanks, you too", and then I proceed to burst into flames and vanish.

Jenny Lawson, also known as The Bloggess tweeted out a memory of hers which sparked a collection of replies that show just how painfully awkward we are as humans.

Check out some of the best replies below (some have mature language):

When your banked responses DO NOT work out.

When you forget to double check who you are sending something to.

When you make your family rethink your career choices.

When you forget you dyed your hair.

When your flirting game fails you... bad.

When you realize you made a mistake and try to cover it up.

When you know people are judging you.

When you pick door number two when you should have picked door number one.

When multi-tasking fails you...

When you answer questions in strange ways.

When your word choice makes you look bad.

When you mishear something and are too afraid to say "excuse me, what?"

When you think you are looking great...

When you are happy to have found a partner who understands you.

When you should have kept up with your friends better.

When you, once again, should have confirmed who you were sending messages to...

When you wish your friends didn't know your email

When you got a little too intimate with a stranger.

When your enthusiasm is there but you use the wrong words.

When you should have waited until they were closer before talking to them...

How many of these awkward events have happened to you? Share your cringe-worthy moments in the comments!

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