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Drug Sniffing Crow? Bird Discovers Drug Stash In Australia

I've heard of drug-sniffing dogs but not a drug-sniffing crow! Everything seems to be different in Australia, because a crow has uncovered a drug stash in a Perth gas station. Police officers were initially confused by the small bag of meth lying on the ground in plain sight when they went to fill up their car.

"No one was in the immediate vicinity so they decided to check the service station CCTV to try and identify a person or vehicle responsible for the drugs," Police said of the incident on Facebook

As they watched the footage from the CCTV they realized that their suspect was actually a crow that discovered the drugs when it fished the bag out of the trash can.

"As you can see from the vision attached, the POI turned out to be a pesky crow who had fished the drugs out of a nearby rubbish bin." Facebook post by police

The police continue to investigate the issue but they obviously realize the humor in the situation.

"The crow took off from the scene, believed heading for a crowbar? The drugs have been seized and inquires continuing. Drugs are bad." - Police Facebook

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