Dramatic Lip Art Is The Latest Trend Taking Over Instagram

Lip art is a trend on Instagram. What is lip art you ask? Well, it is these crazy, not-suitable-for-life lip designs that while they look cool, they don't necessarily give you much use of your face. Instagram makeup artists paint their lips and decorate them with gems, glitter, thick paint, and designs all in the name of a like. Want to see some of the best lip artists on Instagram? Get ready to join me in feeling like your usual routine of lip balm is totally inadequate!


This dripping metallic look is not going to work well when you move...or breathe... but it looks cool!

Just looking at this makes me feel like I need to wipe my lips off! I could only imagine what that feels like on your actual face.

Yarn is replacing lipstick now?

I am not sure how that is attached but it must be a real menace to take off!

Is this what a mermaid's lips look like?

Strangely enough it is pretty hypnotizing?

Make those black lips sparkle

Once again, I don't think you would last long with this on your lips but it makes for a neat picture!

Lip Art for every fandom!

Which one do you like most? I think I am partial to the Harry Potter or the Little Mermaid.

If that wasn't enough Harry Potter for you, you could always try this:

A little more than just the lips but so impressive it couldn't be left out!

If you didn't have a Halloween costume idea yet, you could always go for monster lips!

Just whatever you do: Don't close your mouth.

How shiny is too shiny?

Apparently there is no such thing as too shiny.

Gold lined crystals

If you don't like crystal what about amethyst?

Just don't forget to match your lips to your eyes!

Is it too much? Maybe just a tad.


These looks are definitely not an everyday look, but they sure do look cool on Instagram! You could maybe find a way to incorporate the trend into your Halloween costume because it is coming up faster than you think!

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