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Cupcake The Cat Survives 8 Days Trapped In A Box After Accidentally Being Mailed 250 Miles Away From Home

When Julie Baggot was packing up a box of DVDs for shipment, she had no idea that her beautiful Siamese cat, Cupcake had crawled inside. The lucky little cat managed to survive what must have been 8 terrifying days of travel in a brown box with no food or water. When the package finally reached its destination, Cupcake looked up into the eyes of someone new.

The recipients of the package were surprised to see the weekend cat and immediately brought her to the Royal Society for the Prevention of Cruelty to animals. Vets found Cupcake's microchip and contacted a very surprised Julie. "It's a miracle because she was able to survive that horrible ordeal," says a tearful Julie.

Vets were concerned that Cupcake might have been suffering from jaundice from going so long without proper food and water. Thankfully, she was not. With a good round of fluids and some TLC, Cupcake was ready to be reunited with Julie. The two snuggle in what looks like a very relieved hug. The next time Julie mails a package, she'll probably check twice for sneaky Cupcake.

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