Curious Cat Won Her Rescue Mom Over With Cuteness

When you adopt an animal, you need to feel a connection. No point in bringing a pet home that you don't want to protect from the entirety of this awful world.

When Lily the cat was found at a construction site, the lady who rescued her really had no intention of adopting a new pet. The woman took Lily and her sister home at just two days old and nursed them back to health. Her plan all along had been to find new homes for the sisters. The woman found a home for Lily's sister...but Lily had managed to crawl her way into her Mama's heart.

Lily's unusual face markings, a purrrrrfect Rorschach (or inkblot test) design was too cute to give up...not to mention her precious cross eyes! Lily had found her fur-ever home.

Today, Lily is all grown up! Her face is just too stinkin' cute for me to deal with. Look at this little lovebug!!

You can follow all of Lily's adventures on her Instagram page, Lily the Rorschach Cat!

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