Curious Parents Can Predict Appearance Of Future Children

Have you ever wondered what your future children might look like?

Well, these simple charts might provide the answer!

Basic knowledge of genes tells us that there are dominant (strong)  and recessive (weak) traits that show up in our DNA. When two parents come together to make a baby, they contribute different combinations of these genes.

The important thing to remember is that dominant - stronger genes beat out weaker ones.

What color are your eyes?

Physical characteristics like eye color, hair color and texture as well as nose shape can be strong or weak:

Sometimes, traits skip generations. So your child could share features with his grandmother, or grandfather!

This is a very simple example of how genes combine to create our most obvious features. How we inherit genes is far more complicated than this, but even knowing a little bit unlocks the possibilities of what your new baby might look like!

So - what will your child look like?

If all that math is too much for you - take this simple test to figure it out!

*this is not a scientifically accurate quiz - it is for entertainment purposes only.

Let us know in the comments below - then share with all the expecting parents!

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