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Cute 4-Year-Old Guard Steals The Show On His Birthday

When Imogen Scott took her "very patriotic" son Marshall to Windsor Castle on Wednesday, she could never have expected he would become the center of attention.

The four-year-old's adorable smile and his Coldstream Guard outfit impressed other tourists and even the famous guards themselves, with one walking up to Marshall to pose for a picture.

You can tell from the way Scott scrambles to pull out her camera she wasn't expecting this at all. Unfortunately, her phone reset itself so she couldn't snap a picture. Another visitor got everything on tape though, and you can see Marshall's seriously cute salute for yourself:

This moment was seriously heart-warming, but Marshall's best birthday ever didn't stop there. Other tourists were lining up to get their own pictures with the little guard. One generous family even bought Marshall a teddy bear, and another group sang happy birthday for him.

Later that day, Scott even got a message from the guard who posed with Marshall, inviting them back for a tour of the castle. "Is this even real?" she wrote on Facebook.

Today, the guards shared a video of Marhsall's big day on their Facebook page, along with this message. He's got a few years to practice that salute, but we think he's already got it nailed!

This has definitely been a birthday that Marshall won't forget! Who knows, maybe he'll get to meet the Queen when he comes back for his tour. After all, his mom says he think's she's "lovely and beautiful."

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