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Dad Builds Mini Ninja Warrior Course for His 5-Year Old Daughter

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From the quintuple steps to the warped wall, 5-year old Lylah is already preparing for her run on America Ninja Warrior. She has many years to wait before she can be a contestant, but it's not too early for her to start practicing.

Inspired by the show, Lylah's dad, Gavin MacCall, turned their backyard into a mini Ninja course complete with stuffed animal spectators.

Sporting her Girls Are Superstars Shirt, watch this little one make her way through the course like the pros.


She scaled the rope latter like it was nothing!


Even when she was coming down off of high heights she didn't get scared.


She cruised through the next part of the course.


Continue to the next page to see the rest of her race and the course her dad built her the year before.

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