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Dad Didn't Want To Pay Child Support So He Injected His 11-Month-Old With HIV

Brian Stewart is a cold-hearted criminal.

Stewart worked at a hospital in St. Louis when his son, Brryan, was just a baby. He was getting tired of paying child support, so he chose to do something awful instead.

Stewart brought a syringe filled with HIV-tainted blood to the hospital where Brryan was being treated for asthma and injected him with it, hoping it would kill him so child-support would be done with. He was sentenced to life in prison.

Just five years later, little Brryan had full-blown AIDS. He almost died twice, and the doctors told his mom to prepare for the worst.

Now, Brryan is 25 years old and living his best life.

Check out his interview on The Doctors. This young man is so full of strength and forgiveness, something we all could use more of. In the interview, Brryan talks about his father's sentence, what he's doing now, and why he chose to speak AGAINST his father at a parole hearing recently.

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