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Dad Hilariously Turns His Son's Drawings Into Reality

It's no secret that a child's art is usually pretty terrible. Sure, you tell your kids it's lovely and you stick it on the fridge for a bit. But then it magically disappears never to be seen again.

For this dad, however, he used his son's art as inspiration.

Tom Curtis started photoshopping his son Dominic's pictures and posting them on Instagram in 2015. Since then, they've been going viral. The pictures are a hilarious representation of what kids see and how they view the world. Tom and Dom do all this together, going out to take pictures of the animals Dom draws. It's not only a funny thing for the Internet, but also a great way for father and son to bond.

Take a look at some of our favorite mishaps!

Ah yes, the double-butt elephant.

It's a...shark? Maybe?

Why do I get the feeling this zebra is going to kill me?

This giraffe must have some serious chiropractor bills.

Literally the happiest seagull.

Not an animal...and also not a bike.

What happened to this car? How do you drive on oval wheels?

Someone get this lion a hairbrush.

I found Nemo and frankly I would like him to go back where he came from.

This cat is staring into my soul...

And finally...whatever this is.

They're both hilarious and terrifying, but no matter what they're definitely entertaining!

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