Dad Sets Up Hidden Security Camera, At 2 A.M. Captures 6-Year-Old Acting Creepy

Kids are...interesting.

Yes, we love them. Yes, they're cute. Yes, they bring us joy, blah blah blah. But honestly, sometimes they're just brats!

Cody Wray thinks of himself as a great father. He teaches his kids manners and how to behave properly when you're inside. He makes sure everyone is safe and even set up a security camera in the house to make sure no one breaks in without him knowing.

But one day he was filing through all the footage when he noticed his 6-year-old son Dylan awake at 2am and being very active. He was concerned, to say the least. He was worried Dylan was sick or sleepwalking. But within a few minutes, he had it all figured out.

Dylan was running around, playing on the sofa, flicking the lights on and off, doing cartwheels, just going bonkers! He was doing literally everything his dad told him he wasn't allowed to do indoors!

Cody thought the footage was pretty funny so he shared it online. The best part? Dylan trying to shut off the camera at the end of his tirade!

The footage itself is a little looks like something out of Paranormal Activity!

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