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Man Gets Called A "Beggar" After Asking If His Daughter Could Have Some Food

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A father in in England is speaking out after being labelled a "beggar" by a local pub.

David Scott, 27, was at the Rufford pub for lunch with his family. He asked the waiter if he could get a bowl of mashed potatoes and gravy for his baby daughter. Sounds like a reasonable request, no?

The problem was that David asked for the food...for FREE.

"After I ordered my meals I said is there any chance I could have a bowl with a bit of mashed potato for my little girl," said Scott. "He said: 'No. If you want that you can pay for it'. His attitude was just lousy, I'm not going to be spoken to like that. When I asked I just got a straight no, then no you'll have to pay. I was a bit thrown by that after just asking for a bit of mash and gravy. It hasn't cost when I've asked before."

David Scott went home that night and posted about his ordeal on Facebook.

"Great customer service at the Rufford pub. All I wanted was a bowl of mash and gravy for my one year old girl."

Continue reading to find out the pub's response.

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