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Dad's Alzheimer's Doesn't Take Away his Beautiful Singing Abilities

Living with Alzheimer's disease is a tough situation for everyone involved. The struggles associated can but crazy amounts of stress on families. But one father and son team in the UK have taken the world by storm with their fundraising efforts to help raise money for Alzheimer's Research.

Simon McDermott felt compelled to give back to the Alzheimer's society, as it was a great resource for his family while they were dealing with his dad's, Ted McDermott, disease. Ted was a singer back in his younger years, travelling around clubs crooning in the UK. However, Ted's battle with the disease made him become both physically and verbally violent, which was challenging to deal with as a family. But whenever sings, Ted becomes his old self again. His light is back in his eyes and you can see the man he once was.

Simon got the idea to raise money by filming is dad singing in the car with him, mimicking the Carpool Karaoke videos that are becoming increasingly popular with celebrities. Simon has raised over $90,000 so far from his efforts, which is 7000% more than he had anticipated. Simon posted an update on the fundraiser's page.

You need to check out this video. It's such a heartwarming moment between a father and his son. No drama, no illness, just happiness. And some great singing, of course.

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