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Dad With Alzheimer's Doesn't Recognize Family, Son's Genius Idea Changes Everything

When Ted McDermott was diagnosed with Alsheimer's he and his family knew that they were in for a long, uphill battle. With each passing day, Ted's memory and temperament got worse and worse.

It was a struggle for him to remember his loved ones and the process of bringing Ted back to the present was draining and frustrating for his family.

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That's when his son, Mac remembered how much his father loved to sing.

As a young man, Ted traveled in the United Kingdom, singing at clubs and venues whenever he could. Now, when Ted knows where he is and who he's with, Mac turns on his father's favorite tunes and they sing together.

They sing whenever and wherever they can - savoring these precious moments together.

The father-son duo even recorded an album of Ted's favorite tracks. They hope that the proceeds from the money they raise on their JustGiving page will fund the distribution of Ted's album and fund further Alzheimer's research.

They've already achieved over 50% of their goal - we hope they can go all the way!

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