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20 Veterans Commit Suicide Every Day - This Daddy and Daughter Push Up To Raise Awareness and Hope

At-home heroes grind it out for war heroes

Volunteer firefighter, Paul Stephens from Carling, Ontario, Canada is on day 4 of the #22PushUpChallenge. In this adorable moment of daddy/daughter bonding, he enlists the help of his sweet, young daughter.

They begin the pushups together and she looks up at the camera with an impish little grin. Dad looks on with amusement and the two get down to work. Every few seconds they look over at eachother and as the pushups continue his little lady in pink walks forward into a downward dog.

The video was posted on Twitter last week with the aim to raise awareness about veteran suicide and mental health issues. In his tweet caption he writes "It's always good to have family by your side. You never know when you'll need them."

You may remember the #22pushupchallenge when it began in 2014 as a way to raise awareness for veteran suicide. According to their website, the goal is to reach 22 Million pushups in honor of those who serve. The rules are simple: record a video of yourself doing the pushups, upload the video, add the hashtag #22PushupChallenge, or #22Kill.

A new report realeasedy by the U.S. Department of Veterans Affairs states that an average of 20 veterans die from suicide every day. This shocking statistic has refuled the #22PushupChallenge, inspiring civilians and celebrities to bring awareness to the staggering numbers. The same document reports that Veteran suicides have increased by 32 per cent since 2001 - the risk of suicide is 21 per cent greater for Veterans than it is for civilians. The report concludes that "We as a nation must focus on bringing the number of Veteran suicides to zero."

Celebrities take up the torch

Celebrities like Chris Pratt, Anna Faris, John Krasinski, The Rock and Chris Evans have also joined the movement, spreading the message as bet they can to their fans and followers:

Chris and Anna hilariously crush a few pushups for the cause:

John Krasinski adds some pushups to the count with his very chill four-legged coach:

Chris does it with the help of his more enthusiastic 4-legged personal trainer:

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