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Giving New Meaning To The Term '​Man-​icure' - Workshop Teaches Fathers How To Give Their Daughters Manicures

Just over a year ago Phillipe Morgese came up with a clever idea to help fathers bond with their daughters. He created a series of hairstyling workshops called "The Daddy Daughter Hair Factory" so dads could learn how to do their daughter's hair. He has now decided to expand his course listings to include more than just hair. His latest lessons teach fathers how to do a manicure. Dads were taught how to clip, file and paint their daughters nails and they were surprised how much work it really was!

A group of 23 dads, step dads, and one grandfather attended the free workshop, each bringing their own little model to practice on. The practice was definitely needed, some of the dads found themselves a little bit overwhelmed by how much work it actually takes to paint nails properly.

"All of us were looking at each other like 'What did we get ourselves into?' It was a tad overwhelming, but we picked it up. I had no idea there were so many steps to it." Phillipe Morgese  

The dads worked hard to learn all the tips and tricks they could to perfect their daughters nails, even testing out their skills on their own nails to match.

Teaching skills like this to fathers is incredibly important to help them connect with their daughters in ways that they usually don't.

"I figured the male ego would be a huge wall to overcome, but men of all types, single and married, are embracing the opportunity to connect with their girls," - Phillipe Morgese

Many companies contributed to the workshop with free and discounted products to help the Daddy Daughter Hair Factory expand it's lessons. The number of teachers has grown as well, with 12 fathers running classes in their own towns. If you are interested in taking part or starting your own class, check out their Facebook page to find more information.

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