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Dancing Mom From Viral Video Gets To Strut Her Stuff With NBA Cheerleaders

The Golden State warriors basketball team won their game against the Utah Jazz decisively on Tuesday, and it was all thanks to their secret weapon. That's right: "Dancing Warriors Mom" Robin Schreiber.

Schreiber made headlines in November after being caught by the "dance cam" at a Warriors game. The former school teacher's bizarre but hypnotizing dance moves made her an instant hit.

In an interview with a local new station, Schreiber said she just hoped to cheer everyone up after a nasty and divisive election, saying "people were down and needed something more upbeat, so I decided to don my sweater and get up and dance!" And boy, did she ever dance!

It's no surprise that after that performance the Warriors trounced their opponents the Dallas Mavericks. With a fan like that, how can you lose?!

Knowing that people needed another dose of good cheer this holiday season, the Warriors invited Schreiber back, this time for a Christmas themed performance with the team's cheerleaders, set to the holiday classic "Let it Snow." Schreiber definitely nails the choreography, but this routine is missing some of the weird fun of her original performance.

What do you think? Should the Warriors bring Robin back for one last tango, or has she lost her groove?

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