Daredevil Skydiver Makes History And Tempts Fate at 25,000 Feet

Is he crazy? Maybe, but this kind of crazy made Luke Aikins into a record-setting stuntman. On July 31 he became the first man to dive out of an airplane at 25,000 feet without a parachute.

It was a bold move, never before achieved by another skydiver and it almost didn't happen. The TV labor union, SAG-AFTRA, advised that something so risky couldn't be aired live. After much negotiation, the event was televised live - but with a five second delay - on Fox. Aikin's wife watched from below as he launched himself out of the airplane door and plummeted to the ground...

He jumped out with two other skydivers wearing parachutes beside him - in case anything were to go wrong. In less than 130 seconds of free fall he used the air currents to guide himself towards the net below and, just moments before landing, he turned over onto his back sinking into the safety of the net below.

Aikins is a 42-year-old husband and father who has completed 18,000 jumps since the age of 16. At the very last minute, he made the daring decision to remove the safety parachute from his back before jumping. 'When I took that off, about five minutes later I had a feeling in my head like: "What are you doing,"' said Aikins in an interview on Today.

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