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David Bowie Didn't Know He Was Dying Until His Final Few Months

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David Bowie only found out that his cancer was terminal 3 months before he died, according to a documentary that marked the anniversary of the superstar's death.

In the documentary, David Bowie: The Last Five Years, it was revealed that Bowie discovered his treatment was to be stopped while he was filming the music video for what would be his final single, Lazarus.

“David said: ‘I just want to make it a simple performance video’,” said Johan Renck who directed the video, which features Bowie singing lines such as “Look up here, I’m in heaven” from a hospital bed.

Many believe that he came up with this idea after he got his prognosis, but he had come up with the plan for the video weeks before.

“I immediately said ‘the song is called Lazarus, you should be in the bed’,” says Renck. “To me it had to do with the biblical aspect of it ... it had nothing to do with him being ill."

It wasn't until they were shooting the music video that he found out that they were ending the treatments and the illness would run it's course.

That didn't cause Bowie to lose hope though.

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