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Deaf Girl Visits Santa And Is Stunned By What He Does For Her

This, right here, is what Christmas is all about.

Tilly Morton-Cairns is a six-year-old deaf girl from the UK. She, like every other six-year-old, could not wait to go see Santa. She wrote her wishlist and stood in line to see Santa at the mall. She's used to just getting a picture taken and giving Santa her list. Since Tilly can't hear, it's tricky for her to have a conversation with the big red guy.

But this time, it was totally different. Tilly went up to Santa, ready to hand him her wishlist of Frozen toys and a pet turtle, when all of a sudden both he and Mrs Claus started speaking to her in sign language!

Hayley Cairns, Tilly's mom, said the girl was left smiling from ear-to-ear as she finally got to speak to Santa herself. Their conversation lasted about three minutes while her tearful mom filmed it all.

Take a look at their touching encounter. This is what Christmas is about!

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