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7 DIY String Light Crafts That Will Light Up Your Life - And Your Room

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We all know Pinterest is a potentially dangerous endeavor right? You can spend hours looking up different crafts and then when you finally get brave enough to try it, you fail. Somehow, even if you follow all the steps in the right order everything goes wrong and you end up with your fingers hot glue gunned together. It can't just be me. So when everyone starts talking about string lights being easy to decorate with, you go in expecting to be fooled. But it seems like people are actually able to do the things they want to do! Here are a few of our favorite crafts that don't actually look all that complicated.

Lighted Picture Wall

It seems as easy as a few nails in the wall and a couple clothes pins, but it gives off such a warm glow that it will trick everyone into thinking you are a competent craft master.

Sparkling Headboard

Sheer curtains, some strings of lights and a curtain rod is all you need to make this one. Just be sure to get lights that don't heat up so you don't have to worry about the fabric over top!

Upgrade Your String Lights

If you want to upgrade the string lights so you have the fancier looking globe lights but don't have it in the budget to buy them, see if you can find a bag of ping pong balls. Usually you can find them pretty cheap, and then you just need to pierce a tiny hole and push the light through. Then it will look extra fancy and no one will be able to tell the difference.

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