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Definitely Scary Pit Bull Is A Huge Threat While He Cuddles His Teddy Bear

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Get ready for another SCARY and VIOLENT story about pit bulls.

That is, if you count a pit bull who just loves to snuggle as 'scary.'

4-year-old Zeus was found abandoned and bleeding in the woods. He had a broken tail, was starving, and had he been left there any longer Zeus would have died.

While no one really knows WHAT happened to Zeus, they do know he needed help.

The Dodo

“A woman was walking, and she found him and saw that he was maimed and bleeding, and she reached out for help,” Jackie O’Sullivan, cofounder of Rescue Dogs Rock NYC, said.

The Dodo

Immediately, animal control raced to help Zeus. They delivered him to a shelter, but it was very clear the poor pup needed extreme medical attention. That's when the shelter got in touch with Jackie and her team. Together, they got Zeus to a vet where he could be worked on.

The Dodo

The Dodo

Zeus needed three surgeries, anti-biotics, and was placed on pain medication.

“Despite all the pain he’s been in, he’s never growled, and he’s never shown any aggression at all,” O’Sullivan said. “He was obviously more quiet when he first came in because he was in pretty rough shape.”

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Continue on to see how Zeus is healing from his horrific past!

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