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When A Dentist Heard Of A Military Veteran In Need, He Decided To Do Something That Would Make Him Smile

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FOX 26

A Texan dentist surprised a military veteran when he gifted him $15,000 of free dental work.

Retired Staff Sergeant David Tyler Harmon first met Dr. David Nguyen at their local gym, when he decided to visit the dentist's office to get his teeth cleaned.

What was supposed to be a simple appointment turned into two weeks of dental work.

In the early 2000s, Harmon began to have problems with grinding his teeth, after suffering from head trauma. The veteran had several accidents while serving in active duty as a Spanish language linguist for the U.S. Air Force.

"I came in for a cleaning, and he's like, 'My goodness!'" Harmon told FOX 26. "And I start telling him all the pain I'm in."

Nguyen, a dentist at URBN Dental River Oaks in Houstan, said Harmon had an infection in his gum tissues, several cracked teeth, and overcrowding, which would cost $15,000 to repair.

Unfortunately, Harmon didn't have the money, and would need to seek assistance from the Veterans Administration to pay for the procedures.

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