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Did CNN Just Broadcast 30 Minutes Of Extreme Adult Content?

Rumor has it that CNN messed up big-time and broadcast 30 minutes of hardcore porn instead of a popular food and travel show at 11 PM EST.

According to Mashable, someone at the Boston area cable provider, RCN is likely responsible for the mix-up. Originally slotted for broadcast was a new episode of Anthony Bourdain: Parts Unknown.

What viewers got instead was 30 minutes of pornography. The story broke when one Twitter user tweeted a picture of the pornography being broadcast on CNN's TV channel in Boston.

A re-tweet of the tweet that started it all:

Although CNN has not commented on the event, Jeff Carlson, SVP and general manager of RCN Boston, advised news agencies that they were "in the process of researching this incident, but see no evidence our CNN network feed was compromised..."

Do you think it actually happened?

If you're a Boston resident that experienced this mishap, let us know in the comments below!

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