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They're Suing This Fertility Doctor Who Used His Own Sperm Without Their Consent

What would you do if you found out that the man who raised you wasn't actually your biological father? What would you do if you were that father who believed all this time that his little girl was genetically related to him - only to find out that she wasn't?

That is what happened to these two Canadian families, and potentially more.

In the late 1980's Daniel and Davina Dixon sought the help of former Ottawa, Ontario fertility doctor, Norman Barwin. They claim that Mr. Barwin assured them that that he had inseminated Davina using Daniel's sperm during fertility treatments.

But, 26 years later, a paternity test confirmed that Mr. Dixon is not the biological father of his daughter Rebecca.

But, wait, there's more...

Kat Palmer's mother also sought fertility treatments from Mr. Barwin six months before the Dixon's did in the late 80's.

In 2015, Kat Palmer contacted Mr. Barwin when she learned that she was biologically related to a relative of his in New York. She had also been conceived at Barwin's clinic. When she requested that Mr. Barwin complete a paternity test, the results revealed that he was her biological father.

In September 2016, Kat and Rebecca were introduced to one another and DNA tests have confirmed that Rebecca is the paternal half-sibling of Kat.

In 2013, Mr. Barwin was suspended from his practice for two months after he admitted to mixing up sperm in three cases. In 2014, he resigned as a physician.

Rebecca's family has filed a lawsuit that could be certified as a class action against Mr. Barwin, which would require him to provide a sample of his DNA for other children conceived in his clinic.

What do you think? Should he have to provide his DNA? Let us know in the comments below!

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