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Did You Get A Call Offering A Free Cruise? You Could Get $900 From A New Lawsuit

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"Congratulations! You've won a free cruise!" Sound familiar? If it does you could be due for a cash settlement.

Norwegian Cruise Lines was one of the companies offering these "free cruises."NCL

Over the last few years people have been receiving automated calls offering them a free cruise if they called a 1-800 number and filled out some paperwork. It sounds like an obvious scam, but there were real cruises involved.

The problem was to receive your "free" 2-day cruise you had to pay fees and taxes that added up to at least $60. Meanwhile, employees would try to up-sell you, force you to attend a timeshare presentation or even hang up the phone if you didn't agree to spend more money.

Using robocalls without the customer's permission is not allowed.Twilio

But what finally got the company behind these calls in trouble was that recorded message they used. Resort Marketing Group Inc., who represented companies like Royal Caribbean and Carnival, may have been violating the Telephone Consumer Protection Act with their "robocalls."

That could mean a cash settlement if you received one of their calls. So how can you check if you qualify?

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