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Disney Surprises Park Goers By Bringing Dug The Dog To Life

Have you seen the movie Up? If not, go do that immediately. It is the sweetest movie that is guaranteed to give you all the feelings within the first ten minutes. In this movie you get to meet the world's greatest dog named Dug. Dug can speak because of the collar that his master made for him so you are able to understand all of this wonderful creatures thoughts. Disney decided to try out one of these collars on a real life dog and bring him to the park to surprise everyone there.


Dug arrived to the park and began searching for some new friends.

It didn't take long for the fluffy and lovable dog to make a bunch of friends.

I want one of these collars for my dog SO BAD! It's so cute to see how he interacts with all the people, and even explains how he is able to talk.

Check out the video disney shared below and watch the magic come to life!

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