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Disney Unveils A Memorial For The Child Who Was Killed By An Alligator At Their Park

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It was a shocking event that made headlines around the world, but more than a year later it has been almost forgotten.

The scene at the Grand Floridian the night of the accident.Boston Herald

The Graves family - Matt, Melissa, their daughter and their 2-year-old son Lane - were visiting the Seven Seas Lagoon at Disney's Grand Floridian Resort & Spa on a sunny day last June.

Lane had wandered down to the edge of the lagoon to gather some water for his sandcastle when an alligator bit the little boy's head and dragged him into the water.

His father was attacked by another alligator trying to rescue Lane, but it was no use. Soon the Graves family's tragedy was an international news story, and it kicked off a huge debate over who was responsible for Lane's death.

Lane Thomas GravesFind a Grave

While Disney had signs warning not to swim, there was no notice about the alligators. But authorities ruled Lane's death an accident, and his parents said they would "solely be focused on the future health of our family" and wouldn't sue.

Find out how Disney has changed the park, and about the new monument, on the next page!

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