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Distinguished Scientists Are Creating A Database Of Animal Farts

Have you ever wondered if a bat could fart? What about a zebra or birds or even a crab? Does this sound like a question you have been asking yourself or maybe google for countless years? Well, lucky for you, some very smart scientists have taken it upon themselves to give you all the answers located in one convenient place!


Apparently "does it fart?" is the most common question zoologists receive from kids, so they have created a hashtag on twitter #DoesItFart to help give the answers people have been dying to know!

Ph.D candidate Nicholas Caruso decided to compile all the information from the trending topic into a spreadsheet so that people could add in their own experiences.

"I figured the best way to find out if a particular animal farts would be to ask the people who spend the most time with them. Which includes people who study them, or maybe people who keep them at home, or just happened to hear one fart," - Nicholas Caruso


Snake expert David Steen noted that it is a fun way to see what catches the public's attentions and learn about biodiversity.

"It is at least an opportunity to engage with a larger audience and bring new folks into the conversation." - David Steen

What a fun way to learn that snakes, rats, zebras, and bats all definitely fart. Birds apparently don't, and invertebrates aren't able to. For any other animals you have on your mind check out the spreadsheet or the twitter to have all your questions answered!


If you want to check out the spreadsheet you can go here or follow the #DoesItFart tag on Twitter.

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