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Diver Cheats Death After Shark Breaks Into Protective Cage

An unidentified diver is lucky to be alive after a great white shark breached his protective cage off the coast of Mexico.

The diver was filming the shark from inside a protective cage underwater when he began to feed the shark a chunk of tuna. The shark's instincts kicked in and it lunged for the hunk of fish and busted its way into the diver's safety cage.

The video is quite terrifying, with the shark thrashing around inside the cage before it finally frees itself. The video was posted on a YouTube channel called "Gabe and Garret", which is normally about their two young boys and their antics recorded by their dad. This video is not their personal footage, but their father, Brian, explains how this actually wasn't a "shark attack."

"[Sharks] are temporarily blinded when they open their mouths, so when the shark went for the tuna bait on the rope it accidentally slammed into the cage," said Brian. "They can't swim backwards so it thrust forward through the cage with a diver inside."

No one was injured during the ordeal, which lasted all of about 30 seconds. Take a look at the intense footage. Definitely makes you want to stay away from beaches for a a bit...

The diver seems pretty calm after the attack, although we're guessing the reason he stayed underwater for so long was because he passed out. It should be interesting to see the footage from the camera he's holding.

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