Son Has Incredible Reaction After His Dad Surprises Him For His Birthday

When Theo Sewell Jr (T.J.) turned 13, something was missing. His dad.

His father, Theo Sewell Sr, had just changed his schedule so he wasn't able to be there on his son's birthday. Sewell Sr works on an oil rig in the Gulf of Mexico, five hours away from T.J and his mom., Sheila.

Sheila and Sewell Sr divorced almost 11 years ago, but they made a firm commitment to co-parent T.J. the best they could, always involving each other in every aspect of his life. So if that means meeting up at a gas station to surprise him for his birthday, then that's what they'll do.

T.J.'s reaction is absolutely priceless. He's beyond shocked to see his dad standing in front of him. The grade 7 honor student cannot contain his screams...or his shrieks.

"I thought [my mom] was just recording me, taking pictures of me on Facebook," said T.J. "It's like, 'My little man,' like, 'he pumping the gas now,' just taking pictures. [My dad is] like my best friend. He's like the only one I can trust to be honest."

At the end of the video, you can hear Sewell Sr say to T.J., "Thank your Mama for making it happen." Just goes to show that regardless of your personal relationship with your child's father, you need to teach your kids to respect their parents.

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