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10 DIY Fall Crafts For Every House

The moment the calendar hits September, everyone's decor goes from beach vibes to decorative gourds. There are so many fall-themed decorations at the usual retailers, but it is a lot more fun and much more impressive if you can make your own stuff!

We have gathered a collection of crafts that you are going to want to try out yourself. So gather your pumpkins and leaves to get started on all your fall crafts!

Pumpkin Succulent Planters

The greatest thing about this tutorial is that you don't have to cut into the actual pumpkin. That way you will have a long time before it starts to go soft and rot. By gluing the moss on, you are actually able to use real succulents! I thought they were fake but apparently they will start to grow roots into the moss and as long as you occasionally spritz them with water they should last quite a long time.  Find the tutorial here from Simply Happenstance.

Rustic Centerpiece for Under $5

You would never be able to tell by looking at it, but underneath those branches is just an old coffee can. You could use any type of can, or mix a bunch together to get a bunch of sizes. Then with a crafty person's best friend: the glue gun, you just attach them to the outside of the tin. Add some dollar store flowers and a burlap bow and no one will ever know what's underneath! Done by The Shady Porch

Homemade Pumpkin Candles

Using a cookie cutter this crafty person scooped out the pumpkin seeds and filled it with wax. The tutorial is not in English, but the pictures are self explanatory. You don't even need to have the proper candle making tools, this person just melted down a candle they already had and reused the wick. Talk about resourceful! Find the full tutorial here on Love this Pic

Mason Jar Candle Holder

The original tutorial is no longer on the website, but if you still want to make this it is incredibly simple. If you haven't worked with Mod Podge before, don't be nervous it's actually very simple. Just use thin layers on a sponge brush (those are found at any craft or dollar store) and go right over top of the leaf. It dries completely clear so the candles will be able to give off a nice fall glow.

Re-purposed Pumpkin Planter

By using a cheap Halloween candy bucket, you can turn your front step into an adorably festive area. This particular bucket was found at a Walmart and with a coat of outdoor craft paint and some cream wax to add detail, it gets quite the upgrade. Just add some fall mums or, if you're like me can't keep a plant alive to save your life, add some dollar store flowers! The tutorial can be found on Ribbons and Glue

Fabric Tape Pumpkin

Using an inexpensive fake pumpkin that you can grab either at Walmart or a craft store or even Amazon, you can make these adorable little guys extra fancy using either fabric tape or washi tape. Just cut strips and start sticking. Nice and easy! There seem to be endless varieties of the tape, so you could mix up your patterns and have the most diverse collection of pumpkins around. Tutorial from Mountain Modern Life

Flannel Coasters

These do require a little bit of sewing talent, but I am almost certain you could make a slightly less professional looking version using a glue gun. You can customize these coasters to your personal decor, but they will look great and help protect your tables from all those toasty drinks you are going to be drinking! Tutorial on Juggling Act Mama

Calligraphy Pumpkins

All you need for this craft is a steady hand, some metallic pens and good penmanship. You can buy the white pumpkins, or if you have to just paint a regular orange pumpkin. If you want a matte look, try out Chalk Paint. It will make a nice contrast to the metallic words and is super versatile so you don't need to worry about priming or anything.

Rustic Lighted Basket

This one could not be any easier. Go outside, gather a bunch of pine cones and then tuck a string of lights into it. They make so many styles of string lights now that you could make a few different baskets of different sizes each with their own style of lights! From

Candy Corn Vases

This craft will help you turn those old wine bottles into something super cool. Just peel the labels off and start to spray! They start with the base white, then the orange and then the yellow. Let them dry and then stick in a few decorative leaves and surround with some candy corn and you have the perfect candy-themed display! Tutorial on Brit+Co

So get out there and start gathering those pumpkins!  


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