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Creep Out The Neighbors with These DIY Halloween Decorations

Halloween is quickly approaching, which means you need to spook-up the house .DIY projects are the funnest way to decorate your house and we can keep you crafting all month long with all these projects you are going to want to try! No matter what level of spooky you want, there is something for everyone, including projects that are kid-friendly and would be a great weekend project with the family. Take a look and try out some of these creepy crafts!


Spider Egg Sacks

Gross but also kind of awesome. With a pair of white tights and some plastic spiders you can create these hanging egg sacks and hang them around your house. Hello Paper Moon

Cheesecloth Ghosts

If you can find these foam heads (usually available at craft stores) you can attach cheesecloth to them and then hang them from the ceiling. Turn a fan on them on low and freak out everyone with your floating spirits. Martha Stewart

Haunted House silhouettes

Pretty cool what some large cut outs will look like! Make Zine even has some pre-made stencils for you to use.

Toilet paper roll monsters

A couple clever cuts in a toilet paper roll and you have some creepy eyes hiding in the bushes!

Bloody hand prints

Some glue and food coloring give your house a gruesome look. Felt Magnet

Ghostly Figure

This super eerie ghost is made from chicken wire and looks so cool. Wacky Archives.

House climbing skeletons

These would definitely catch your neighbors off guard. Instructables

Witch Legs

Turn any plant into a crash site. Grillo Designs

Trash Bag Spiderwebs

Same idea as cutting those snowflakes in the winter, except you change up the pattern and you can have jumbo sized spider webs for your house. Fast Forward Fun

Bloody Candles

These bloody candles are so easy to make and have such a neat effect. Sous Notre Toit

Head in a jar

Scare your Halloween guests with one of these and they will never snoop in your fridge again. Instructables

Zombie Barbies

These are truly amazing and a super good use of old dolls if your kids grew out of them. You also can usually buy some Barbie knock-offs at the dollar store if you don't have any. Crafts By Amanda

Google-eyed wreath

I am always a sucker for a good wreath! DIY Network

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