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DIY Industrial Decor To Make Your Home Truly Unique

Industrial inspired furniture and decor has been popping up all over the place. It is available in many stores and online retailers but with prices that can get a little steep, not everyone has been able to get this style into their homes. Fear not! Pinterest is always there when you need a library of DIY versions of projects that may have otherwise cost a lot of money. Check out the 10 ideas we found below and get building!


Bookcase made from an old wire spool

Thistlewood Farms provides a tutorial on how to recreate this industrial spool-bookcase that will definitely stand out. There are many different sizes of spools so even if you don't want one quite this large you could make any size you could find. Best of all - most of the time hardware stores are just throwing the spools away so you might be able to get it for free!

Pipe-frame shelving

Pipes are a big part of the industrial style. Make a sturdy and strong looking shelving frame with this tutorial from Lowes.

Concrete dining table

This project is really interesting! It's a tutorial to imitate a product that you can purchase from the famous but pricey Restoration Hardware. The tutorial is by Uncookie Cutter.

Elevated Dog Bowls

If you want to have your industrial theme carry throughout the house, why not build your dog some super-stylish elevated dog bowls? Tutorial from Cuteness.

Industrial curtain rod

This project seems to require a little bit of planning but the look is worth it. The tutorial on Sincerely Saturday has some good advice for how to make it all work.

Bar cart

By distressing the wood and leaving the pipes a little less polished this bar cart ends up looking a little bit vintage. It is a cool addition to any kitchen and can be wheeled around to better suit your drink making needs. Check out the full tutorial here.

Toilet Paper Holder

Even your toilet paper holder can look industrial! This tutorial from Craft Thyme will show you how to build this simple little contraption that makes a statement.

Industrial Wall Art

This tutorial from Shanty 2 Chic shows you how to make this wall art that looks as though it is hanging from a metal pipe. It is actually plenty secure with a 2x4 hidden behind but the look it gives is really impressive!

Floating Shelf

If you don't want the full framed pipe shelves, you can try out these floating shelves. They are still super strong and make an awesome impression but save you a little bit on the amount of piping you will need. Tutorial from the DIY Playbook.

Industrial House Numbers

The front of your house is often forgotten when you do a renovation. Instead of sticking with some plain numbers, why not make these house number from screws to get your house to really stand out. Tutorial is available on the Owner Builder Network.

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