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Animal Lovers Will Want To Spoil Their Pets With These DIY Projects

Animal lovers seem to all agree that their love for their pet knows no bounds. Dogs and cats especially seem to create an intense bond with their owners that make it impossible to think of them as anything other than another member of the family. Some animals are lucky enough to live in homes with exceptionally crafty individuals who manged to make their four-legged friends some incredible gifts. Here are 10 projects that you can try out to spoil your best friend!


1. Upgraded Doggy Door

This little buddy is lucky enough to have not only a dog door to go outside whenever they want, but a cute little "people" door to make it a bit prettier. Dog doors aren't always the most gorgeous thing to have in your home but this way when you don't want to see it you don't have to!

2. Cat Hammock

If you take this easy hammock and put it over a heating grate, your cat is guaranteed to love you forever. That is just science. Cats love being toast and this way they can do so slightly elevated in a comfy perch. Check out the tutorial here to make your frame and use any fleece fabric you have.

3. Build your pet a Spin Out Game

It doesn't take much to keep your dog busy for hours on end, a few pieces of wood for the frame, a couple bottles and a dowel will keep your pet entertained for as long as the kibbles hold out. The tutorial here explains how to build it all.

4. This cat embraces geek culture in style

Turn your cat into Mario with some carefully placed cabinets and some skilled painting. There is a photo set here that you can use to match the style or some written instructions here.

5. Improve your dog baths with this contraption

If you have ever tried to give a dog a bath, you know it isn't easy. Between them constantly trying to jump out and the fact that they don't necessarily always have the patience to be rinsed off, this contraption is ideal! There is a detailed tutorial on YouTube that explains how to build this device so you can keep two hands on the dog!

6. Indoor cat garden

You have to be very careful when you own cats that you don't bring home a plant that is toxic. Cats have a tendency to think that plants are for eating, so why not make something that is especially for them? Using cat grass, catnip and some other herbs that you can look up to see if they are safe, plant them in a nice container that they can't knock over and put it where they can snack on it easily. The tutorial for this project can be found here.

7. Doggy Windows

Dogs like to see what's going on out past their little worlds. Why not cut a small hole in your fence and add a little bubble window for them to peak out? Check out skylight selections at your hardware stores or even just mount a piece of plexiglass to help them feel like they are a part of the outside world.

8. Easy self-scratcher for cats

So many cats love to be scratched, but we don't always have the ability to scratch them twenty four hours a day. For those of you who have especially demanding cats, try out this easy project that will get your cat the scratches it needs. You could probably simplify it a fair amount by skipping the step where they screw them together and just skip right to the double sided tape, but it is up to you! Check out the short video below:

9. Organize their food into pretty containers

They won't be able to tell the difference but you will! Take the time to make the containers where you keep the pet food a little bit prettier because you have to keep the food somewhere, it may as well look nice! There are endless options to making the food match your decor. There are more ideas here.

10. Paw Print art work

Get your pet's little paw print on the wall in a cute frame so that when people come over they will know you mean it when you say they are one of the family. Maybe do this craft outdoors so you don't end up with little paw prints around your floor!

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