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Do You Have A Black Line On Your Nail? It Could Be A Sign Of A Serious Illness

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Nail discoloration isn't an uncommon occurrence. Changes in color and appearance are ways in which your body tries to communicate that something is wrong.

A lot of the time, the discoloration is due to dehydration, bruises or a fungal infection, but every so often it is a sign of more serious illnesses like diabetes, kidney, heart or lung conditions and even cancer.  

A few weeks ago, Jean Skinner, a beauty technician from East Sussex, England, had a walk-in client come in for a manicure. The woman asked for her nails to be painted with a dark polish because she wanted to cover a black line running down the middle of one of her nails.


The client was convinced that the dark mark was harmless and chalked it up to a blood blister or the "lack of calcium," but it turned out to be much more serious. Now Skinner, with permission from her client, is using the experience to warn others.

Keep reading to find out what caused the dark line on the woman's nail.

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