Do You Know How Your Favorite Foods Look Before They're Picked?

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We're so used to picking up our favorite foods from the grocery store that we don't pay much attention to where they come from. Today you can even buy fruit and herbs in packages, so it's possible kids think that little plastic bags grow on trees.

But the truth is much, much stranger. Even some of the fruit we eat every day looks downright weird before it's been picked or processed. Other foods are just surprising because you never would've guessed how they grow until you see it yourself.

See how many of these everyday foods you recognize. But be warned you may never look at breakfast the same way again!


The flowers are pretty, but the flavor actually comes from the dried "beans" that grow on it.


This spice is made from tiny, dried parts of the saffron flower.


We know the seeds best, but they're actually taken from the pistachio fruit.


Yep, they grow in the ground!



Cranberries grow on bushes, then when they're ready to harvest the fields are flooded so they rise to the surface.

Cocoa (chocolate)

It can take as many as 20 of these pods - which are filled with smaller cocoa beans - to make just a pound of chocolate.

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