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Do You Know These 8 Tricks To Comfortable High Heels?

High heels are a great way to look and feel great when you're going out. But if you're like me, and would rather live in slippers for the rest of your life than deal with high heel pain, check out these tips.

Heels don't have to be an excruciating experience. There are ways for you to prep your shoes at home before you wear them, and even different ways to pick the proper shoe.

1. Pick the Right Shape for Your Foot

If you have a wide foot, just stay away from anything pointy. Your toes will be so squished you might actually consider amputating, which is probably a bad idea. If you have a flat foot, avoid a heel higher than 3 inches. It's in your best interest, trust me. Don't force your foot into something you know won't work for you. "But I bet I could deal with it for just one night!" Are you really sure about that? Is it worth the pain?


2. Tape Your Toes

It may sound ridiculous, but it's a great way to prevent foot pain. Medical tape is ideal, but Scotch tape will work in a pinch (pardon the pun). Counting from your big toe, tape your third and fourth toe together. There's a nerve between the two toes that receives a lot of pressure when you're wearing heels. But taping them together, the pressure is relieved which makes your shoes a lot more comfortable. And that way you don't have to be constantly wondering when you can sit down and rather just enjoy the night.        


3. Choose Thicker Heels/Shoes with Platforms

The thinner the heel, the more likely the pain. When you wear a crazy stiletto it isolates one small spot on your heel where all the pressure hits. But with a thicker heel, the pressure is spread more evenly which is way more comfortable. Try and find heels with platforms at the front, as well. You still get the height of a taller heel but the platform takes away the harsh angle. This is why wedges are so comfortable. Your weight is more evenly distributed throughout your foot.


4. Buy Your Shoes at Night

Our feet swell over the course of the day, it's just how life works. So buying shoes at night is the best way to ensure your shoes will be comfortable all day. If they fit at the end of the night when your feet are at their biggest, then you know you'll be fine. You can always fill space in your shoes during the day if you find they're slipping (insoles are your best friend), but you can't add space to them at the end of the night.


5. Use Sandpaper or Anti-Slip Grips

If your heels are slippery on the bottom, you'll probably end up walking differently than normal just to avoid a devastating wipe-out. You're likely to be clenching your toes a lot more to keep a good grip on the shoe which can not only be painful, but it can cause tendinitis as well. A quick fix to this is using sandpaper to slightly rub down the bottom of your sole. It creates more traction as you're walking so you can feel more confident. If you don't feel like using sandpaper, you can also buy anti-slip pads that stick to the bottom of your shoe and serve the same purpose. It's a great way to stabilize your heels and save your feet the pain.


6. Buy Some Blister Balm

If you find that your heel rubs on your shoe too much, or you get blisters at your toes then you definitely need to grab some blister balm. It's basically just lip balm for your feet, and it acts as an invisible barrier to stop your shoes from irritating your feet. It's anti-friction technology is a life-saver. Just make sure you don't mistake it for your actual lip balm. That could get messy.

7. Properly Break In Your Shoes

It's certainly not a fun experience, but you can't just bust out a new pair of shoes for a night on the town without having broken them in first. You're basically asking for trouble. Wear your shoes around the house for a few days if you know you have an event coming up. In order for them to be comfortable, your shoes need to be molded properly to your feet first. Wear them while you cook or do housework. Not only will it make you feel like a badass, you'll also be doing your future-feet a favor.

8. Stretch them Out Using a Blow Dryer

Sometimes you just need a liiiiiitle extra width in your shoes. An easy way to stretch them out is by putting on a think pair of socks, putting your heels on, and blow-drying them for a couple minutes. The heat makes the material more malleable so they stretch out more easily. The socks are there to make your foot push on the shoe while it's warm so you can get it to the ideal width. Keep the shoes on until they're cool. CAREFUL THOUGH! Some materials won't react well to the heat, so keep a close eye on your shoes to make sure they're doing okay.


Do you have your own tips for making heels more comfortable? Let us know!

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